~Kuressaare Castle, Saaremaa Island~



After a two hour and forty-five minute drive, one hour Fairy Ride, and another forty-five minute drive away from Tallinn, Estonia. I finally reach Kuressaare-Located on Saaremaa Island, Estonia. Saaremaa Island has such a peaceful vibe about it, beautiful beaches and a sun that never fully sets during the summer. An did I mention they have a Castle… with a moat! The Kuressaare Castles was built beginning in 1380 with all the fixings-moat, lion pit, and underground dungeons, but has since been renovated into a cool tourist attraction. Be sure to check out the videos below!


  • Locals are nice, and food on the island is great with lots of options. If you’re a person of color just know that every single man, woman and child will stare at you, but everyone is genuine and nice 🙂
  • Estonia uses the Euro so expect normal Euro prices-I paid 12 Euro for a burger, fries, and beer. Top 5 best burgers I’ve ever had.


  • Checkout the Kuressaare Castles, and if its end of June thru end of August Hit the beach.
  • Eat at the Ku-Kuu Kitchen(meal shown below). Great food with a beautiful view of the castle for the outside patio.


  • Start you night off at The Chameleon Restaurant & lounge for great drinks, music, and tapas.
  • Then bounce over to either Club Diva or Club Privilege.

~Special thanks to @heldemeel & friends for not only inviting me, but taking the time to show me around such a beautiful island.



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