Photo: My good friend and Founder of FOH- Sean Tsai and I, Celebrating the grand opening in style with this Yamazaki 18 Year Japanese Whisky.

Don’t be fooled by the name. FOH has far more to offer, than just a beautiful décor and ambiance. The back of the house carries its weight as well helping to bring this industrial chic venue to life, through a masterfully prepared seasonal food menu, brought to us by Master Chef Rodrigo Cabeza de Vaca.

While all of the food around me was impeccable in presentation, I have to speak first to my own personal experience. First, the octopus…WOW! I have tried Octopus before, from restaurants around the world, but Chef Rodrigo takes the cake in my book, when it comes to perfecting this easily, and often, ruined dish. The texture he achieved can only be described in comparison, as the filet mignon of octopus. And while I am not typically a fan of cous cous, I could have fooled anybody that evening, as the quinoa/cous cous side, served with the octopus was as delicious a pairing as you could ask for. But, as I obviously have this wonderfully haunting memory of the octopus occupying my brain, I must not forget the appetizer I tried before it: The Corn Lollipop. Just like Bubba talking about shrimp, there are oh so many ways to prepare corn, and trust me, I’ve made my way through a great number of those ways. But leave it to the culinary minds of FOH to add a wonderful zing to a classic like corn-on-the-cob, by first miniaturizing the cuts of corn, so as to be eaten off a stick, like a lollipop, and then top them with lime infused goat cheese cream. The results leave little to be desired…except for MORE CORN LOLLIPOPS! And while I tried to sample from friends’ plates as much as they would allow, my biggest takeaway from it all was that you couldn’t go wrong. From the Peruvian ceviche, to the curry fried chicken, and on to more traditional fare like fish tacos, every bite seemed better than the last. Not to mention, at an average of $20 an entrée, you can’t beat this new addition to the downtown Los Angeles restaurant circuit.

But let’s not give all of the credit to the Chef. A few good times must always be credited to the bar, as well as the general energy of an establishment. FOH certainly offers plenty in the front of the house as well. With seasoned mixologists serving up a wide palate of house cocktails, alongside the classics, there is no shortage of good times, and new friends to be made at FOH.

To sum it up, the light and refreshing twist on the industrial décor welcomes you into the FOH of FOH, but once you’re inside, the BOH is right there to back up the hype. This is one of my new favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, and my only worry now, is getting a table the next time I go, after word gets out about its’ awesomeness. On second thought, forget everything I just wrote. FOH is mine. Yea right, that’s wishful thinking. But a guy can still dream right?

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