IMG_6145I found Stockholm to be a very interesting city-if San Diego and San Francisco had a baby it would be Stockholm. The downtown area of Stockholm seemed to be a unique mixture between extremely modern and renaissance old town-boasting lots of cool restaurants, shopping areas, street entertainment, and sites standard to any metropolitan area. The Swedes style is very hipster but on point, although I couldn’t understand why every single girl and guy (8 out 10) wore “Chuck Taylors” Converse. Lol, I’m talking infants to grandmother all rocking the same shoes. I’m talking pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, ballroom gown and even pajamas still rocking Chucks. I’m talking Kanye “All Day N-Chucks.” All-in-all, Daytime Stockholm can be enjoyed in with-in 48hours, but nighttime Stockholm is a different story-comments below.


  • Cool city that can be explore within 48hours- Easy to navigate around the city. If you’re a partier I suggest visiting Wed.-Sat.- Wednesday is a mid week party day for Swedes comparable to Sat.
  • If your spending Dollars or Euros you have a little edge over the local currency but its hard to notice it.
  • Prices are standard- think Southern California or Germany (hotels, taxi’s, food, shopping, etc.)
  • To simply say that the women in Stockholm are Stunningly beautiful would be a huge understatement. It’s as if the Heavens above opened up and thousands of angels descended upon the streets, subways, bus stations, malls, parks, and even behind the counter at McDonalds-Yes people, the girls behind the counter at McDonalds in Central Station, Stockholm were on par with the average LA model.


  • At a minimum check out these sites (Vasa Museum, Drottningholm Palace, and Stockholm Palace)
  • Strandvägen 1 is a dope spot to go to on Wednesday during the summertime- it’s a restaurant located on the waterfront with an amazing outside setup looking over the water that’s feels more like a small day club


  • For nightlife, I would suggest getting your night started at The Grand Escalier Restaurant & Lounge-great venue, live atmosphere, beautiful people, and a great selection of spirits. Followed up by The Wall Nightclub- Everything you need to know about Stockholm nightlife can be experienced at The Wall… DOPE! Also, Those angles I spoke of earlier will almost certainly be here and also The Grand Escalier.





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