Approximately five thousand eight hundred and eighty-four long travelled miles from my doorstep in Las Vegas, to the imperial steps of the Belvedere Museum in search for The Kiss…

Feeling like Yeezy in the “All of the Light” music video – walking around the Belvedere Palace as if I own the place… Clearly a luxury of winter time travels.

~ Galleria Belvedere ~

~Belvedere entrance and the homie Ben~

Ok! Time to get serious about finding “The Kiss,” with 45mins till close, and virtually half of the palace still left to explore – Its time for Dora the Explorer mode… MAP!

As Dora would say… “We’re getting warmer Diego”- Can anyone see the clue? Hint: it’s to the Right of the biggest number 1 in the photo above…lol

True beauty – but not quite “The Kiss” I was looking for…Warmer!

At last… “THE KISS” by Gustav Klimt! Symbolist – Artist –Painter – who I first stumbled onto back in 2012 after watching the movie “The Lady in Gold.” Crazy to think that the true inspiration which lead me to Vienna, my utter fascination with Klimt, and visiting the Belvedere came from this movie. The Kiss – is composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf and depicts a couple locked in intimacy. At the time of its conception between 1907 and 1908, Klimt’s work was criticized as both pornography and perverted excess. In the wake of such criticism Klimt quoted:

“If you can not please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few”

~Gustav Klimt~

Seeing that you’re not allowed to photograph the original in person (armed guard=no photos), me and the homie had to run a real life madden play just to snap shot the memory.

Notes noted:

~:Vienna street food game is on point, walk down into any subway and be amazed by the variety and quality of Asian noodles and fresh pastries.

~:If your into architecture and art then Vienna is sure to please with Imperial palaces, historic and contemporary buildings, and Museums Quartier district.

~:If your not a smoker like myself, be prepared to loose one lung if your hitting the bars and clubs of Vienna. As a Vegas native I’m no strange to a slightly-smoky environment. But in no way am I joking when saying I had trouble seeing my homie standing right in front of me (vision on 20/20), through the thickness of the smoke. Mostly every establishment allows smoking and most have poor or non-existent ventilations systems.

~:I stayed at the Hotel de France Wien, a very affordable 5star accomodation – very elegant with great location, would definitely recommend.

~:All-in-all cant wait to come back and check out Vienna’s summer time vibes.






VICTORINOX Outrider docking day backpack

H&M Grey hoodie

ANDROID HOMME Propulsion 2.5 Woven (solar red)

ROGUE Sued black coat

ZARA MEN Jogger pants (black), Denim jeans (grey)

~All creativity direction, styling, and word my own~


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